Workers’ Compensation – An injury at work can be devastating from both a financial and emotional standpoint. The New York State Worker’s Compensation Law was enacted to protect injured workers but can be daunting and difficult to understand without the advice of an experienced attorney. In addition, the employer is almost always represented by attorneys who know more about the process than the worker may know. We can help you make sure you are protected and receiving the benefits you deserve.

Social Security Disability– Often, people who have sustained physical injuries may be unable to work for an extended period of time and may also be eligible to receive benefits from the Social Security Administration. Many initial applications are denied, necessitating a request for review/hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. We can assist you in getting the benefits you and your family deserve.

New York State Disability Benefits – If you are injured outside of employment, you may be eligible for Disability Benefits which are administered through the Worker’s Compensation Board. You may also be eligible for such benefits if you have filed a Worker’s Compensation Claim that is disputed by the insurance company and the case is pending.

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