Criminal Misdemeanor and Felony Charges – Many people charged with criminal offenses are not “career criminals” but are people who make mistakes or have a lapse in judgment leading to problems with the Law. We have over 20 years of experience in most State and Local criminal courts.

DWI – A charge of Driving While Intoxicated can affect a person’s life in many ways including loss of driving privileges, loss of income if your job requires you to drive, and can result in numerous fines and penalties from both the Court and the Department of Motor Vehicles. There are also numerous collateral consequences attached to this charge. We can make sure your rights are protected and will do our best to make sure you stay on the road.

Traffic – Most Vehicle and Traffic charges can result in points being assessed for each infraction by the Department of Motor Vehicles. This could, in some cases, result in the loss of driving privileges and increases in your insurance premiums. Keeping your license clear of points and convictions will keep you on the road and save greatly on auto insurance.

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